One of the greatest resources that blind people have is access to different societies. Throughout the UK there are several that have been formed to support the blind. One of these is RNIB. Which stands for Royal National Institute for Blind People.


The RNIB is an organization that has been formed with one specific purpose in mind. That is to be there as moral support and to assist the blind and those with low sight in practical ways.

How RNIB Helps

RNIB has identified many of the needs and concerns that blind people have. They are here to offer as much support as possible.

  • Education:This organization believes that education about blindness is something that is critically important to those who are blind. It allows them to feel more in control of the situation. To best achieve this the organization has an entire section dedicated to eye health. Here information is available about all of the various eye conditions that can cause blindness.
  • Personal Touch: Then there is the personal touch that this organization offers. There is always someone available for an individual to get in touch with. So they can ask questions they may have about their eye condition.
  • Building Confidence: One of the mandates of RNIB is to build confidence in their participants. They do this by assisting the blind with many of the challenges that they have. Sometimes it is just a matter of providing emotional support. Then they may assist those who need help with adjusting to their condition.
  • Part of a Society: RNIB focuses on making sure that those participating in their program understand that they are not alone. They work at bringing their members together so they can form friendships and garner additional support through this.
  • Advocate: RNIB is there is there to represent the blind through various campaigns. They are dedicated to the prevention of blindness.