Many that are blind or are partially blind need to have organizations that they can count on for emotional support and different forms of assistance. One that is available for this is the Royal London Society for Blind People.

The Beginning

This organization dates back many years. It started out as a school to help those that were blind to read. Here participants were taught to read from a type of text that was embossed. It was developed by Thomas Lucas and was known as the Lucas Type. This all began back in 1838.

The Expansion

By 1840 the school needed more space. They moved to a larger location and began to accept students as residents. By 1847 this organization was able to have a school built specifically for the blind in a Swiss Cottage.

The Society’s Work

It began with simply teaching blind participants to read. Then as it grew it was able to add a college as well as a nursery to its roster. By doing this it allowed the society to service younger people who were blind.

Employment was difficult for those who were blind. The Royal London Society for Blind People recognized this. To assist with this they implemented workshops and training for the blind to learn trades and to integrate into the workforce.

The Merge

In 2017 this organization merged with the Royal London Society for Blind Children. Now as one entity it has allowed them to pool their resources and to reach out to more blind individuals in need. The mission of both of these societies has now become one main focus. Their mandate is that just because a child is blind it does not mean they have to be poor. Nor does it mean they have to be isolated and lonely. These two charitable organizations becoming one allows them to be more effective in the communities they serve.