There are many different activities that blind people can participate in. Then there are many that can be quite difficult for them. For the blind who would love to enjoy some casino action they often face different challenges.

A Dedicated Site

Back in 2005, there was an online casino site developed to give the opportunity for those that are blind or have low sight to play some of the casino games.

It was developed by two individuals who wanted their blind friend to be able to participate in some of the casino activity that they enjoyed. The most feasible casino games would be those that involved card games. Specifically poker. It was because interested blind individuals were familiar with card playing through the use of braille decks of cards. So those that play poker with these understood the concept of the game. At the same time many blind people were already using a screen reader. For the two developers, this was part of the problem solved.

With some trial and error, these two individuals were finally able to go online with their concept. It started with the well-known game of Crazy Eights. Then the testing phase went on to Five Card Draw Poker. The name of the site that was launched was called AllinPlay. It was not a site for playing with real money. It was strictly for fun and not for real betting. The site eventually built up to about 500 members.

It is not clear as to what happened to the site, as it no longer seems as though the site is active.

Other Ways to Enjoy Online Casinos

As yet there does not seem to be any specific online casinos giving opportunities for the blind to enjoy their games. For details on sites that are accessible for those with disabilities, check out list of best online casinos in britain and similar sites.That doesn’t mean that a blind person cannot enjoy some of the games by having someone with sight play with them and act as their guide.