Unless one is blind or has a serious loss of sight it is hard for them to imagine the challenges these individuals face.

On a Physical Level

It simply comes down to the blind are not able to see where they are going. Until they are able to adapt to their blindness it can severely limit their physical movements. As they begin to adapt and become knowledgeable about the resources available to them their movements become less restrictive. The use of canes and eye dogs are two resources that can help on a physical level for the blind.

On an Emotional Level

Those that are blind naturally go through many different emotions. This is often the first challenge of their blindness that they have to deal with. Those that have experienced sight then go blind are often angry at first. Then they may have a period of depression. One of the difficulties they face is having to deal with other people. They are either smothered with good intentions or ignored. This often puts the blind person in the position where they have to deal with another person’s struggle with dealing with the blind person’s problems.

On a Social Level

Blindness creates a lot of restrictions. This, in turn, limits them in social settings. However, there are many different clubs and organizations that have worked hard at eliminating many of the social restrictions that the blind once had to deal with.

Dealing with Technology

For people who have their site technology is a wonderful thing. But, for the blind, it can create additional hardships. A good example is information technology such as the internet. There are many challenges that the blind face when using the computer. Although there is more technology being implemented specifically for those who have sight problems. One of these is screen readers. But, this brings an extra challenge of having to learn this technology.