One of the gravest afflictions an individual may have to deal with is blindness. For many, they don’t know just what resources are available to them. Here at Scarborough Blind Society, we are about letting the blind and those with low sight know that they are not alone. We have chosen to do this by providing valuable information about the many resources that are available to them. We have broken this information down into pertinent sections for easy access to what is of the most interest for our readers.

Problems Blind People Face

This section is meant to let those who are dealing with blindness and their loved ones know that we are tuned in to what some of the problems are that the blind face. It is also meant to educate others that are not aware of these challenges.

Blind People Clubs

Part of our responsibility here is to be a resource for the blind and those who are caring for the blind. We are doing this by shedding some light on what clubs are available for the blind.

Blind People Organizations

There are more organizations now for the blind than there were in the past. Our intention is to bring awareness about these. They are valuable resources that provide support on many different levels for the blind. As well as their families.

Hopefully our site will be a good starting point for those that are dealing with blindness. It covers some of the most important areas of information for those in need of it.